Mihail Fedorov


Hi there! I'm Mihail Fedorov, but you can call me Kolo. I've been a DevOps engineer for over 20 years, and I hold a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. My professional journey has been diverse, covering roles from security specialist to network administrator. Although I've stepped back from full-stack development, I'm still deeply passionate about technology—especially when it comes to automating software development, tinkering with IoT devices, and crafting intricate hybrid networks.

I'm currently heading up developer operations and infrastructure development at SmartFi.com. When I'm not immersed in work, I love diving into the world of cryptocurrency and imagining ways technology can make our work easier.


2021 — 2024
DevOps engineer, head of infrastructure
2017 — 2021
Notary Network advisor
2013 — 2017
CTO, shared hosting projects
2008 — 2013
Security specialist, senior web developer
2006 — 2012
Founder, electronic components trading plaform


CI/CD tools and processes
Jenkins, GitLab, Azure DevOps
Infrastructure automation tools
Ansible, Terraform, CloudFormation
Containerization technologies
Docker, Kubernetes, Portainer
Monitoring and logging tools
ELK, Splunk, Grafana, Zabbix, Nagios
Cloud computing platforms
AWS, Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean, Selectel
Scripting languages
Bash, Python, NodeJS, PHP
Network architecture
BGP, LIR, RIPE certified etc
Database technologies
Linux OS administration
22+ years

Education and certificates

  • Bachelor degree in Information systems and technologies (SPb Electrotechnical University, 2010)
  • Information Security and Data Protection Specialist (InfoTech College, 2008)
  • Systems Administrator / DevOps (RetraTech, 2010)
  • Frontend developer, Backend developer (RetraTech, 2010)
  • Networks Administrator, Networks Security Specialist (RetraTech, 2008)
  • Certified Bitcoin Professional (CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium, 2019)
  • IPv6 Sage (Hurricane Electric, 2014)


Married. Two cats — scottish fold and british shorthair. Ordinated as a minister of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Living in Israel.

Hobby: IoT & IoS DIY, microcontollers, vintage hardware repair, solving puzzles, collectible things, food tourism, unicorns.

I've created first version of my personal homepage in 2002. This page is 11th reincarnation of it, which went live december 2022. Some ancient legacy elements can be found here.

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