Mihail «Kolo» Fedorov

Hi. This is my very own place for things, which I want to share. Later it will be filled with useful information, manuals, my ideas, projects and some random unicorn pictures, but now it's empty. It's under construction, since 2001.

My name is Mihail «Kolo» Fedorov, and I'm typical nerd: security specialist, systems administrator, developer operations engineer, PHP dev (not anymore), cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Married (wife Marianna), enslaved by scottish fold cat named Pixel.
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia (GMT+3)

Ordinated as a minister of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

My current work and main addiction is Komodo Platform - the best cryptocurrency ecosystem in the world. Find us at Discord, my nick is kolo#1111.


Mail: [email protected]
Telegram: @kolobus
Twitter: @2mf
GitHub: kolobus

Please, be careful with your communication. I never ask for money, advertise any investment tools and coins or do any other scam. Impersonatiors are shit. Always ask for proof before accepting strange offers.

KMD: RMewMewXxzX4b2gxXrWr8pcJJsruov8yPM
ARRR: zs1tr2496hc66elyqdd0034c4zyemte5zrsrm9sl7qm96c2dls3q92f8v2tdk248tagdnm5cp7jy2g
BTC: 1MewMew3akVwYwTyzdKDDe8o2hRWJdjLFY


I use KeyBase with nickname kolo and my key fingerprint is:

493E 0F07 CC48 03F3 DA1F 517C F225 8EF2 C55A 2A2F

Domains for sale

Following domains are currently for sale:

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Please, send your offers to the e-mail above. Put domain name in message subject.


So long and thanks for all the fish.