Mihail Fedorov

Hi! My name is Mihail «Kolo» Fedorov, and I’m typical nerd: security specialist, systems administrator, developer operations engineer, PHP developer, cryptocurrency addict. This is my very own place for things, which I want to share. Someday it will be filled with useful information, manuals, my ideas, projects and random cute cat pictures.

Married, wife: Marianna
Cat owner: scottish fold, Pixel
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia (GMT+3)

My current work and main addiction is Komodo Platform - the best cryptocurrency ecosystem in the world.
Discord nickname: kolo#1111

Ordinated as a minister of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.


Mail: [email protected]fedorov.net
Telegram: @kolobus
Twitter: @2mf
GitHub: kolobus

Please, be careful with your communication. I never ask for money, advertise any investment tools and coins or do any other scam. Impersonatiors are shit. Always ask for proof before accepting strange offers.

KMD: RMewMewXxzX4b2gxXrWr8pcJJsruov8yPM
ARRR: zs1tr2496hc66elyqdd0034c4zyemte5zrsrm9sl7qm96c2dls3q92f8v2tdk248tagdnm5cp7jy2g
BTC: 1MewMew3akVwYwTyzdKDDe8o2hRWJdjLFY


I use KeyBase with nickname kolo and my key fingerprint is

493E 0F07 CC48 03F3 DA1F 517C F225 8EF2 C55A 2A2F


Following domains are currently for sale: o.sb, k.sb, ba.kz, nz.kz, zl.kz, zm.kz, zn.kz, zr.kz, netzr.com. Please, send your price offers to the e-mail above. Put the domain name in message subject.
Any other domain redirecting to this page is not for sale.

So long and thanks for all the fish.