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Very simple «Whats my IP?» service mostly inspired by icanhazip.com but significantly shorter. It can also detect that you're visiting from - which belongs to - (-) and your timezone is probably -.

Usage is pretty straightforward. Do curl to ip.cx to get your IP as seen from public internet. Use keys -4 or -6 to get IPv4 or IPv6 addres respectively. Host info.ip.cx will return simple JSON object with IP address, ISP, AS number, country and timezone — depending on what is known by CloudFlare geolocation database.

~$ curl -s4 ip.cx

~$ curl -s6 ip.cx

~$ curl info.ip.cx
  asn: 12345,
  org: LLC Horns and hooves,
  country: DE,
  continent: EU,
  lat: 12.3450,
  long: 12.3450,
  timezone: Europe/Berlin

CloudFlare origin 2 MikroTik firewall

URL: https://fedorov.net/api/cloudflare-origin/?v=6&list=rulesetlistname&remove=1

Fetches current CloudFlare origin IP subnets and converts to ready to use MikroTik firewall rules. Essential to allow website requests coming only via CloudFlare and block everyone else. Replace v=6 with v=4 to get rules for IPv4. Set list to name your list as you wishe. Remove remove parameter if you dont need to delete old list.