Hi! My name is Mihail «Kolo» Fedorov, and I'm typical nerd: security specialist, systems administrator, developer operations engineer, PHP developer, cryptocurrency addict. This is my very own place for things, which I want to share. Someday it will be filled with useful information, manuals, my ideas, projects and random cute cat pictures, but now it's mostly empty.

About me

Detailed bio coming soon. Download my CV if you plan to hire me.

Current projects

I list here projects and ideas in which I'm currently involved. Feel free to contact me if you have questions related to them or want to hire me for something new and intresting.

Komodo Platform gives other blockchains Bitcoin level protection and anonymous zero-knowledge transactions. Another related technology, called «Iguana core», makes it possible for other blockchains to talk to each other. Together they form a powerful platform that allows cross-chain atomic swaps, pegged assets, and independent asset creation. The project has the vision to help the whole crypto industry by bringing together the otherwise isolated technologies. Through its framework, anyone can start developing blockchain applications. The team is also developing applications, such as a multi-wallet, decentralized exchange, and trustless poker. With its tools, anyone could create a new cryptocurrency with Bitcoin protection, on-demand block generation, and privacy features. The new coin is compatible with other services built on the platform, such as the multi-wallet and the decentralized exchange.
Direct Systemsdeveloping logistics and management platform for electronic components wholesalers.
Creative Telematics & Tradegroup of companies, specialized at telematics (webhosting, dedicated servers, colocation, domain names), web-marketing, design and IT business.

Where is the old site?

It's gone, once and forever. It was old (roots are from 2007 and earlier), creepy, childish and mostly obsolete. Now it's time to delete such things and create new. I promised I will keep published ass with ears picture and keep following original site roadmap. Anything else?